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"I've had a few encounters that were strange, but growing up I never thought much about them being paranormal.  After watching all of those paranormal television shows over the last few years it made me think of doing the same to learn more about what is out there and to experience more of it.  It wasn't until my brother told me something was going on our grandparent's home and he was worried it was going to kill him and had some sudden family deaths occur there that I joined a paranormal meet up group to learn more about what is out there.  After he died in that house I pursued more learning and attended more paranormal investigations to learn and experience more and to be better protected in case I encountered more things that could be paranormal.  I am also on a spiritual quest to learn more of what is out there that church would rather avoid discussion on.  One can't know how good good is, if one can't know how bad bad is.  Know thy enemy.  Now that I have been on many group event investigations and owns some of my own equipment, I joined with a team that does both events to haunted locations to prepare myself more and also does private investigations for clients to help with paranormal problems by collecting evidence or debunking occurrences.  I am an electronic technician and use these skills to build some of my own equipment and to do some paranormal experiments."



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"I wanted to join the Midwest Ghost Society because I have always had an interest in the paranormal.  I got interested in the paranormal because you get to channel in your sense of mystery and exploration and experiencing any activity would be amazing.  I'm looking forward to learning as much as possible and working with an amazing group of people."



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"My name is Christine Sledden. I grew up on ghost stories from my father. Ever since then, I had read and watched anything that had to do with ghosts. Right now, I'm following a dream. My other other hobbies are scrapbooking and card making. I also love camping and fishing with my husband, Michael."

Julie and Frank


Members Since 03/2013

"Frank and I have been a ghost hunting couple since 2009.  We both have been fascinated by the paranormal most of our lives.  We don't accept everything at face value, we work hard to debunk things as having natural causes such as bugs and moisture.  We, like most investigators, keep searching for the holy grail; concrete proof of the afterlife.  We bring our ghost gear with us whenever we travel.  We try to put a potentially haunted location to explore in all of our trips, even if it's just a local cemetery.  We have spent the night at two haunted mansions and had some pretty exciting personal experiences, including one spirit who sang to me and another that hummed loud enough for both of us to hear it.  We stay mostly in the midwest but have went ghost hunting as far away as Eastern State Penitentiary in Pennsylvania.  We had been chatting on Facebook for months with the Midwest Ghost Society and were excited to hear they were accepting new members. MGS is a great group of people and they are based only 20 minutes from our home.  Michelle has planned so many wonderful adventures for us all and Frank and I are very grateful to have been accepted as part of the team."


Lead Investigator

"​My name is Steve Bartel. I work as a mechanical designer in the aerospace industry. I also run Haunted Conover Square Ghost Tours as a hobby. I have been fascinated by the paranormal since a young age. Although I had never experienced anything first-hand, I was always riveted by the stories of those who had. Because of my engineering background and my love of science, what attracts me the most to paranormal investigating is the use of technology in collecting data."


Case Manager and Lead Researcher
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"I have been interested in the paranormal for as long as I can remember. I gained much of my love for the unknown from my dad, and enjoyed watching TV shows like NOVA and In Search Of... with him (wow, really dating myself). I, as well as many of my family members have had paranormal or just unexplainable experiences, increasing my curiosity. This has lead me to read countless books and watch all of the TV shows on ghosts and paranormal activity. I am looking forward to learning about ghost hunting with the Midwest Ghost Society, and while I do not know if the paranormal will ever be decisively proven, I do know that I believe."



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"​​I have been fascinated by paranormal for as long as I can remember. Growing up, I listened to stories my dad told and watched all the scary movies with my mom and sisters.  I have had some paranormal encounters throughout my life which I find fascinating. I wanted to join this group so I could learn more about paranormal investigation.  I have met some amazing people through this group. One of the coolest parts is that I get to do all this with my sister who is one of my closest friends."



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"My name is Dan and I have had experiences with the paranormal going back to my childhood.  Many of the memories and experiences of that time have been suppressed over the years but since graduating college, I have worked in several places (including one currently) which were / are haunted.  I have been curious about the paranormal for years and was able to do my first "professional" ghost hunt in Gettysburg, PA in July 2015.  The results my family and I found were very encouraging.  Several days later, at Antietam, MD, we had an experience which shook us to the core and made me want to learn and do more to find out about the spirit world.  The memory of that trip still seems fresh in my mind today.  
After a public investigation at the Sandwich Opera House in March 2017 with MGS in which I also got some excellent results, I decided then to want to pursue ghost hunting and paranormal investigating on a more dedicated level and looked for an opportunity to join with a ghost hunt group which, thankfully, is MGS.  As a new member of the MGS team, I am anxious to learn and do more as resources allow.  Since I am also a History major from college, I also hope to learn about the back story of locations and use that and any experiences I gain to learn more about the other side.  My goal is to someday be able to develop a way to have a real-time conversation with residents of the spirit realm so that anyone can talk to departed family members like we have conversations normally.  Being a member of MGS is a strong start in that direction."

​​Midwest Ghost Society

Est. 2010

Team Leader and Case Manager
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"​My name is Raymond Buchanan Jr. and I have always been interested in the paranormal.  I have had a few personal experiences growing up so I believe that is why I am so interested in the paranormal.  I have always believed we aren't alone, even if we think we are."

Team Leader and Case Manager
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"Investigating the paranormal fascinates me. Every time I experience the paranormal I want to learn more. I joined Midwest Ghost Society because of their approach to investigating and the great group of people."