Last Investigation: 

Cheney Mansion


Jerseyville, IL.

     This is another photo taken in the same sequence and the figure doesn't seem to be present.  Once again no flash was used in this photo and were positive the angle and distance couldn't of changed as the camera was on a tripod.  The only lighting that may differ is equipment and or flashlights being used in the room at the time, the camera uses any light sources to take these photos in complete dark.  We did, on our next trip to the location two weeks later, attempt to recreate the photo using a team mate inside and outside the door.  We weren't able to come up with anything where it made the effect of a figure in the room but didn't show detail of the investigator to some degree.  Also even our tallest investigators present the night of the attempted debunk were tall enough from that far back to create such a tall looking figure.  It was easy to pick the same distance as original shot since it was taken right above the step in the center of the room, that is where the investigator had the tripod set up.  We simply weren't for sure able to debunk this photo.  Your thoughts are welcomed.

     This photo was taken in November of 2012, as indicated by the photo date stamp, by one of our investigators.  This is upstairs in the mason's lodge facing towards the street side of the room.  This photo was snapped on a tour of the location as some of the team hadn't been to the location before.  This photo is highly debated among our team members.  Our debunk some feel didn't really explain the photo and the location's owner was not completely sold by the debunk attempt either.  Notice in this original photo the darkness of the figure crouching in the door way.  No details can be made out and it was thought that perhaps it was this investigators camera.  A team mate at the time believed it was him taking a photo on the tour.

Rossville Opera House, Rossville, IL.

St. James Cemetery: Belvidere, IL.

Old Hollis Inn: Marengo, IA.

Humphrey House: Orland Park, Il.

Farrar School: Maxwell, IA.

Milton School House: Alton, Il.

Tinker Swiss Cottage: Rockford, IL.

Conover Square Mall: Oregon, IL.

Roff Home: Watseka, IL.

Hinckley Public Library: Hinckley, IL.

Rossville Opera House: Rossville, IL.

Edinburgh Manor: Scotch Grove, IA.

Auburn Theater: Auburn, IL.

Hartford City Jail: Hartford City, IN.

Millington Cemetery: Millington, IL.

Greenwood Cemetery: Hinckley, IL.

Fox Hollow Farms, Westfield, IN.

​Sandwich Opera House, Sandwich,IL.

Valles Mines, Valles Mine, MO.

Hartford City Speak Easy, Hartford City, IN.

Cheney Mansion, Jerseyville, IL.

Official List of ​Locations the Midwest Ghost Society has Investigated 

     This is the lower level, what used to be the opera house area.  This photo was taken on 8-30-14 by one of our investigators.  The photos where shot off of a dslr on a tripod so they were all shot from the same exact location and angle.  However the tripod had a little give so that is why the photos aren't of the same crispness.  They are shot in a low light mode where the camera absorbs the light from the room and no flash is used in either of the two photos and they are snapped very close together.  There were many others in the sequence but they all appeared much like the compare photo below so I didn't post all of them.  In this photo in the sequence there appears to be something, very tall, standing by the inside of that door in the photo.  The investigators in the room are to the right side of the camera and behind the team mate that shot the photo.  There was no team mate up in the front and the other side of the door, the owner's shop, had no one in the room at the time either.   The front door was locked and the owner was not present in that room since he had went to sleep for the night.

     This is the debunk attempt at the photo above that we took the following year in the spring of 2013.  This is taken with the same camera and the team mate that felt he was the object in question in the original photo while taking a photo is the one that attempted this debunk. Of course some things have moved around in the room since it has been many months but we attempted to get the time of day and lighting the same and about the same distance away.  Upon looking at the two photos these are the things that those who feel it wasn't a solid debunk noticed.  When you zoom in the photos on this one you can see the blue tint of the investigators blue jeans, in the original it's black all the way thru and we know he wasn't wearing black pants from other photos taken that night.  The shape of the object in the original photo appears to have a more slender look to it.  The investigator who claimed to be the object in question recalled the crouching from the other door way at the back of the room, having been to this location many times and that was his first visit I can tell that it's the doorway at the front of the room (the one used in recreation) not the doorway in the back of the room he recalled crouching in to take a photo.  What are your thoughts?


Note: We have spent a lot of time looking for other possible explanations for any potential evidence shared here.  Although we can't explain these catches or haven't been able to solidly debunk some of these catches we aren't saying for sure they are paranormal in nature.  In some cases the evidence shared was highly debated among Midwest Ghost Society team members.  We just enjoy sharing some potential evidence we have found.  We welcome polite and constructive feedback on anything we share and understand each individual may have their own opinions.  

Some of Midwest Ghost Society's Favorite Evidence or Unexplained Catches

Private Investigations have been completed in the following areas: Dekalb, IL., Sandwich, IL., Waterman, IL., Somonauk, IL., Fairbury, IL, Streator, IL., Bartlett, IL., Valporaiso, IN., Coal City, IL., Elgin, IL., Portage, WI., Henry, IL., Peoria, IL., Walcott, IA. Beloit, WI., Elburn, IL., Plano, IL.

Note: We have investigated in most of these areas multiple times and multiple locations.  This is just to give an idea of areas we investigate.  

Locations Midwest Ghost Society Has Investigated

Next Investigation:

Farrar School


Maxwell, IA.

St. Joseph Cemetery: Manteno, IL.

West Bigrock Cemetery: Bigrock, IL.

Morse Mill Hotel: Hillsboro, MO.

Sag Bridge Cemetery: Lemont, IL.

Mineral Springs Hotel: Alton, IL.

Black Moon Manor: Greenfield, IA.

Crown Point Jail: Crown Point, IN.

Ward School House: Wisconsin Rapids, WI.

Cedar Lake Hotel: Cedar Lake, IN.

Havana Park District Building: Havana, IL.

Roads Hotel: Atlanta, IN.

Pollack Building: Bartonville, IL.

Ashmore Estates: Ashmore, IL.

Bachelor's Grove Cemetery: Midlothian, IL.

St. Omer Cemetery: Ashmore, IL.

Sandwich Opera House, Sandwich, IL.

Poasttown School, Middletown, OH.

Someplace Inn Time, Palmyra, MO.

​Randolph County Infirmary, Winchester, IN.

Old Apollo School, Burlington, IA.

We attempted to use some period music as a trigger in the old slave quarters on the property.  We had some unexplained things appear on the kinnect during the session.

Farrar School House: Maxwell, IA.

This video is taken in the boiler room at Poasttown School in Ohio in September of 2016.  We stayed here two nights.  One of the stories was that a man was thrown in the boiler room and flashlight activity seems to confirm the story.  The interesting thing about this for those of you watching and weren't present it's four girls in this boiler room  seeing these interactions. LOL We had no guys on this two night overnight trip.  We had a guest but he didn't stay in the building and left after investigating on night one.

     Now I know that there is plenty of speculation about the flashlight method many investigators like to use.  The team certainly has many of split views on it as well.  We don't generally share much related to it do to the controversial nature of the method.  So i'm not telling you this is pure paranormal because who knows.  I will say this is one of the most responsive sessions we have had and caught on camera as well.  It was pretty interesting so we went ahead and uploaded this for others to see as well.  We do understand that the results of this method can often times not be paranormal.  

​Valles Mines, Valles Mine, MO.

Private Location in Illinois

Cemetery in Millington, IL.

Poasttown school in Ohio

    Note: this isn't a highly responsive k2 session and we normally rule out most findings with them due to other things that can make them go off and the relative low levels they detect but this was unique.  We were in the middle of the woods in an old abandoned rail road tunnel.  There are no power lines, no cell phones present, no reasonable causes of emf.  We sent another team out directly after and they were not able to get this response.  The five lights is a pretty decent hit and we just have no explanation for it.

​     I'd like to note that the phone she was using was with a thermal application and it was in airplane mode during our session.  We were trying to find out if our prank had ramped up activity since the session directly after in these area was very active. It's a theory I think has some validity.

     This is a close up of the area between the poles , from the same photo as the original above, so that you can better see the second thing the owner found in this photo upon zooming in to examine the shadow figure.  The owner and a friend to the team noticed this figure by the desk.  They see it as a little girl.  She is in the original above but you can't see unless you zoom in which is why I discuss this with a zoomed in photo separate from the shadow figure.  The owner requested that I post this one as well as it's one of his favorites.  Now normally we would kind of think this was a matrixing thing but we see this little girl so clear I think it's worth keeping and sharing for others to have their own opinions.  

This is taken in the black light room as we were calling in the basement of Poasttown School. This was very late at night on our first night, probably around 2am or so.  I did cut some of the non active times between to shorten this video.

Someplace Inn Time 

Palmyra, MO.

     This is from the same location as above.   Please keep in mind that the movement you see is because I didn't use a tripod when I did the screen shot.  Sorry about that, it was a couple of years ago and we have refined our process's a bit since then. What you want to watch in this video is the laser grid (green) that is on our base table across the room.  No one is on this floor at the time, we are doing a group ghost box session down below.  We left the laser grid sitting there unintentionally when we went down to do ghost box.  This strange movement of the laser as if the beams angles are changing and moving happens for about 15 minutes off and on during our very active ghost box session, then doesn't happen again before we collect the laser a little while later.  We didn't know this had happened until we reviewed our footage.  One more note: if there is any sound with the video that is from when I did the screen shot at home, the dvr camera has no sound so disregard. 

     This footage was captured at a location we investigated a couple of years ago.  It is under new ownership.  We had permission from the owners that owned it at the time to share these clips.  I've been told they have seen them.  In this video on the second floor the only investigators present are seen coming from the stairway to the lower floor and into the second floor.  The important thing to know is that the cord was not run in the area they come thru, we are one hundred percent positive.  This is not something that has really occured anywhere else so we were left scratchign our heads.  Please note this was on our dvr, which has no sound when I screen shot the video there maybe some back ground noise in the video, which is from me doing the screen shot at home, it's not from the investigation, no audio was collected with this. 

Midwest Ghost Society

     This video is captured on one of our handheld cameras.  Two of our investigators are in a local cemetery trying some new equipment out and enjoying a nice day.  There is an evp on this audio (and yes were positive it's not us, multiple recorders confirmed)  at about 13 seconds after the investigator filming sniffles.  It's said pretty fast but we hear "I wanna live".

Edinburgh Manor 2016

This video is shot in the nurses station at Poasttown School. One of our investigators, Amanda, is doing a solo scrying session in this room.  Listen to the footsteps she hears outside the door as she sits here alone in the dark.  The video is in IR light for the camera but she is in the complete dark when she hears this.