Midwest Ghost Society

     Please send a contact form if you're interested in having Midwest Ghost Society complete an investigation at your property.  MGS will investigate homes or business's.  You may also complete this form if you would like to request an application to join the team.  All requests will be responded to within 48 hours, typically sooner.  All client information is kept confidential and your location and name will never be posted on our website, social media or outside of our team.  Photos from non-disclosed private locations are not posted.  Any information collected on our client investigation request form is to help us better research and investigate your location.  All investigations are at no cost to the client.  The team does accept donations which go to our equipment fund if we receive them.

Want to Contact us?

       Midwest Ghost Society

Location: Hinckley, Il.

Group Leader and Case Manager: Michelle Lemire

Email Address: midwestghost@ymail.com

Website: www.midwestghostsociety.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/midwestghostsociety/