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     Investigating the paranormal fascinates me. Every time I experience the paranormal I want to learn more. I joined Midwest Ghost Society because of their approach to investigating and the great group of people.

     I have always been fascinated by the paranormal.  Growing up I always had a book in my hand, learning anything I could about the paranormal.  I wondered things such as is there life after death and can we communicate with the dead?  Then all of these paranormal shows started showing on television and I wondered if I could do something like that.  Then my sister told me about the Midwest Ghost Society and I called and talked to Michelle.  I was a paranormal investigator before I knew it!  MGS is the most amazing group of investigators that anyone could ever work with.  Were like a family.  Thank you Michelle for believing in me and making me a part of this wonderful group.



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Meet the MGS Team

​     Greg and Vicki Sorenson paranormal investigators. Vicki and I have had an interest in the paranormal. We decided to learn how to investigate the paranormal together. We contacted MGS, and MGS was gracious enough to accept us as part of their team. We've participated in a few investigations and had a blast. The MGS team is more then just a team. MGS is more like a family.

     Hi, I'm Samantha.  I got into the paranormal because of experiences I had when I was younger. There were things that have happened that got my interest, such as seeing things move on their own, shadow people and unexplained sounds. I'm a big fan of Ghost Lav and Ghost Hunters.  I was honored to have met and investigated with the Klinge brothers once at an event. I love being on the team with the Midwest Ghost Society, they are like family.

         I wanted to join the Midwest Ghost Society because I have always had an interest in the paranormal.  I got interested in the paranormal because you get to channel in your sense of mystery and exploration and experiencing any activity would be amazing.  I'm looking forward to learning as much as possible and working with an amazing group of people.

      My name is Christine Sledden. I grew up on ghost stories from my father. Ever since then, I had read and watched anything that had to do with ghosts. Right now, I'm following a dream. My other other hobbies are scrapbooking and card making. I also love camping and fishing with my husband, Michael.

     Frank and I have been a ghost hunting couple since 2009.  We both have been fascinated by the paranormal most of our lives.  We don't accept everything at face value, we work hard to debunk things as having natural causes such as bugs and moisture.  We, like most investigators, keep searching for the holy grail; concrete proof of the afterlife.  We bring our ghost gear with us whenever we travel.  We try to put a potentially haunted location to explore in all of our trips, even if it's just a local cemetery.  We have spent the night at two haunted mansions and had some pretty exciting personal experiences, including one spirit who sang to me and another that hummed loud enough for both of us to hear it.  We stay mostly in the midwest but have went ghost hunting as far away as Eastern State Penitentiary in Pennsylvania.  We had been chatting on Facebook for months with the Midwest Ghost Society and were excited to hear they were accepting new members. MGS is a great group of people and they are based only 20 minutes from our home.  Michelle has planned so many wonderful adventures for us all and Frank and I are very grateful to have been accepted as part of the team.



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Why did we all join the Midwest Ghost Society?


     The unexplained is a part of our lives each and every day.  Some think it's better to leave these things alone and others seek to know these things better.  As a part of the latter group, all that I can say is that I believe the field of paranormal investigation is like any other science.  The more we come to know through measurable means, the less strange it will seem to many.  I seek out this knowledge to expand the community and also to fulfill my own curiosity about past events in my life.  Being a part of the paranormal investigative community has been a welcoming and exciting experience.  

     I decided to join the Midwest Ghost Society because I have always had an interest in the paranormal.  I would love to capture some hard evidence or see something paranormal.  The Midwest Ghost Society is a great group of people and we all work together really well.

     I have always been interested in the paranormal.  I spent many years watching all of the paranormal television shows.  I have had many paranormal experiences in my life and am interested in learning more about the paranormal and helping others who are experiencing paranormal activity better understand what is happening.  Forming and being a part of MGS has been one of the most rewarding experiences I could of ever asked for.  My team is amazing and I look forward to working with each one of them every case.  MGS has become like a second family to me and i'm proud to call them friends.  Being a part of MGS has also allowed me to travel to some awesome historical locations and learn some very interesting facts about midwest history.  


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​      I've had a few encounters that were strange, but growing up I never thought much about them being paranormal.  After watching all of those paranormal television shows over the last few years it made me think of doing the same to learn more about what is out there and to experience more of it.  It wasn't until my brother told me something was going on our grandparent's home and he was worried it was going to kill him and had some sudden family deaths occur there that I joined a paranormal meet up group to learn more about what is out there.  After he died in that house I pursued more learning and attended more paranormal investigations to learn and experience more and to be better protected in case I encountered more things that could be paranormal.  I am also on a spiritual quest to learn more of what is out there that church would rather avoid discussion on.  One can't know how good good is, if one can't know how bad bad is.  Know thy enemy.  Now that I have been on many group event investigations and owns some of my own equipment, I joined with a team that does both events to haunted locations to prepare myself more and also does private investigations for clients to help with paranormal problems by collecting evidence or debunking occurrences.  I am an electronic technician and use these skills to build some of my own equipment and to do some paranormal experiments.  

     I have always been fascinated with the unknown, even as a child I wondered what if?  Several times in the house I grew up in I saw the spirit of an old lady.  After I would wake up from a bad dream she would comfort me and tell me to go back to sleep.  Weird right?  Or was it my imagination?  Maybe I was still dreaming or maybe not.  Two sisters had lived in my home all of their lives and never married.  One passed away in my room as it turned out.  The first home I bought I felt at home the moment I walked thru the door and we looked no further and purchased the home.  As time went by I had some experiences in that home as well such as footsteps and items moving.    Think i'm crazy?  Na'h I'm not crazy, just out to find other mysteries with the Midwest Ghost Society.  

     ​My name is Raymond Buchanan Jr. and I have always been interested in the paranormal.  I have had a few personal experiences growing up so I believe that is why I am so interested in the paranormal.  I have always believed we aren't alone, even if we think we are.  What really sparked my interest in the paranormal was the tv show Ghost Hunters. The way they investigate and the evidence they find got me thinking "I could do that".    I also like the fact that they use the scientific method of investigating, which is how I prefer to investigate.  So when I found out from one of my friends that there was a paranormal group in the area all I could say was sign me up.  It's always been a dream of mine to be a part of a paranormal team so I met up with Michelle from the Midwest Ghost Society and talked to her to show her how serious I was about joining.  On May 14, 2011 I went on my first investigation with the group and immediately fell in love with everyone because they welcomed me as part of the family.  



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     I have been interested in the paranormal for as long as I can remember. I gained much of my love for the unknown from my dad, and enjoyed watching TV shows like NOVA and In Search Of... with him (wow, really dating myself). I, as well as many of my family members have had paranormal or just unexplainable experiences, increasing my curiosity. This has lead me to read countless books and watch all of the TV shows on ghosts and paranormal activity. I am looking forward to learning about ghost hunting with the Midwest Ghost Society, and while I do not know if the paranormal will ever be decisively proven, I do know that I believe.

Greg and Vicki


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     Hi, my name is Rachel Shuning.  I am a mother of two and currently live in Earlville.  I am also a bartender part time.  I have always been interested in the paranormal since I was a child.  Probably started with Scooby Doo, ha ha.  I became interested in joining a team after watching paranormal shows such as ghost hunters.  I have had my own experiences and have done my own investigating in Point Pleasant, West Virginia. Would love to get the team there someday.  Excited to be the newest member of the team! My hopes in being part of this team is to get answers to questions like why spirits are still here, do we have a choice when we pass, do they need help crossing over to find peace? I will be attending a small group soon to learn who to help spirits if they want it. So here’s to the spirits of the midwest...here I come!


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